4th of July Parade, Corvallis, Oregon

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The Benton County Republican Women helped decorate the Benton County Republican's "Liberty' float in the Corvallis All-American Anyone-Can-Join, Fabulous, Fantastic 4th of July Parade. Pulling the float were Nic and Louanna Oliver in their handsome truck decorated with USA flags. Kim Rowe came early to help decorate but couldn't stay to ride the float. Showing enthusiasm for this special American holiday were Jean & Charles Nelson, Stella Guenther, John Detweiler, Garland & PJ Hunter with grandson Ty Sisson and Zumi the Republican Labrador. Benton GOP Chair, Jerry Jackson, walked with the float and passed out candy to children. Riders wished all a "Happy 4th of July" and called out "Happy Birthday, America!"